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50 Years of experience and still counting

Poleo Dry Cleaners Brixton Hill is a family run business, serving Brixton and the surrounding areas since 1980, the team here have a combined industry experience of more than 50 years, we have seen it and done it all and are always up for the next big challenge, so why not give us a try, Call us on 020 8674 4873 or drop in and say hello.

We take pride in our work

Call it an OCD, but we just can’t seem to let things pass our eye, our meticulous working discipline means that clothes are checked 4 times for stains before we have them ready for customers to collect;  We will even repeat the cleaning or pressing cycle if need be. Although we are a Dry Cleaners in Brixton, we have customers from all over South London visiting us!

We clean and re-clean and we don’t charge extra

Once clothes go through our pre and post checks, if we feel another clean will provide better results, we clean again and don’t charge extra! Exactly why Brixton Loves Poleo!

Pre-Spotting, Yes we Pre-Spot Stains!

Without getting too technical, Pre-spotting is the method of breaking down a stain before it goes through an actual cleaning cycle; stains which are pre-spotted are far more likely to disappear if Pre-Spotted. This is a timely procedure, which requires patience and years of experience to carry out, for this very reason many Dry Cleaners skip this step. Stains are more likely to set in permanently during the cleaning cycle if they have not been pre-spotted.

All done in house!

We don’t do logistics, we do Dry Cleaning. All services offered are done in house on the same premises, same day, and next day no problems.

 There’s more. But you probably don’t want to read any more... so if you have any questions just drop us a line 020 8674 4873 or drop in at Poleo Dry Cleaners, Brixton, SW2 1RS.

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